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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering Sept. 11, 2001

No projects today, no warm and fuzzy ramblings. Just some thoughts and reflections about 9/11.

I'm not one to remember the details of past events. In fact, I probably couldn't tell you what I had for breakfast yesterday, or the name of the last person I spoke with on the phone. But I can recall everything about September 11, 2001. Even what pajamas I had on that morning (white with blue sheep).
I remember being woken up by the phone ringing around 6am. Chris (my husband) answered it, and then bolted up in bed. It was a call from the fire department, ordering him in because our country was "under attack". He told me to turn on the television, and we saw the WTC on fire. Soon after that, we watched as the second plane hit the second tower. He immediately left for work, and I sat there on the bed all day, glued to the television. I felt helpless as I watched the towers burning, people jumping to their deaths, and reports of those not able to evacuate. Then I watched in horror as the towers fell, the Pentagon was hit, and flight 93 went down in Pennsylvania. I felt like I in a nightmare that I couldn't wake up from. I was terrified for all those people, heartbroken for those that were searching for their loved ones, worried about my own family, and for my husband. I remember gathering up emergency supplies, just in case. It was a day I'll never forget.

In the end, 2974 people lost their lives as a result of the attacks, including 343 FDNY firefighters who gave their lives to save others. Another 24 people are missing and presumed dead.
Chris attended the public memorial for all the fallen firefighters and spent several days visiting FDNY stations, including those that lost their entire crews. He came back a changed person. I visited Ground Zero less than a year after the attacks. I had seen it a thousand times on television, but it was an entirely different experience to see firsthand the destruction of that day. There are no words to describe the emotions I felt that day.

We promised we would never forget. I never will.


Shellie G. said...

I too remember where i was what i was doing (if not what i was wearing. I cried for three days til I finally turned the tv off. Yesterday when i was talking to my son about 9/11 i couldn't help but to cry.I told him to never forget. I know I won't.

Nikki Schmaltz said...

My husband is a fireman. And while he was never there he has several friends who were. He has come back with some of the shared stories and yet I know it is still not the same as having seen it all. I cannot imagine. I still think of all those people and have a hard time believing it was 7 years ago. Like you, I will never forget.

Lisa Page said...

Isn't it funny when you normally can't remember things and then when a tragedy occurs you can even remember what you were wearing that day? Me too- I remember everything in such detail about that day- I wanted to go get my toddler from pre-school- I was so scared. I am so proud (beyond words)of our country and the people that defend it. I still can't fathom what the victims went thru.

Carrie said...

I, too don't usually remember what happens from one day to the next. But I remember Sept. 11, 2001, around 9am I was at my OB appointment, sitting in the exam room waiting for the Dr. She finally came in and told me she had been watching the news and what had happened. I watched the news the rest of the day in shock. My daughter was born on Oct. 7, 2001 - the day President Bush declared War on Terror.

jazzystamper said...

Even though Im an Aussie I also remember what I was doing at that time. It was about 9:30pm. I was watching a tv show called The Vice when it was interupted by a special broadcast. I saw that one of the towers had been hit and can remember thinking wtf is going on then I saw the second plane hit as it happened then I knew in my heart the shocking truth. My heart goes out to all who were affected by this dispicable act.

Mindy Ussery said...

I remeber everything about that day as well. :( My husband was a first responder with the Coast Guard. What a terrible time for our country. I always wonder about the families left behind. I pray they are all thriving and finding a new normal.

Eileen said...

I grew up on Long Island. We used to take trips into the city all the time. My dad worked at Chemical Bank (now Citibank). His office was in the World Trade Center. What a horrible day that was. I cried for weeks. In 2005, I was pregnant with boy no. 5. I was due on October 12, but he made his appearance on September 11. I cried again... it was somewhat bittersweet. No, I will never forget.